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Happy new year everybody! As the saying goes, new year, new me and here are some new Instagram updates.

Same goes for Instagram, the team have updated the platform to continue to provide users with a better experience than the previous year. There’s a lot of  Instagram updates to share so let’s not wait any longer, shall we? Here are 5 super fun updates that we love.

Latest Instagram updates

Stories that you can keep forever

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Stories don’t have to necessarily last for only 24 hours! You can keep these precious memories alive on your profile as story highlights. The best part is that you can manage the sequence and even name these stories by themes. Maybe like… pets, love, and food!

If you would like something more private, there is also the archive function.

Stories Archive

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Where all the stories that you have shared will be automatically saved under your archive stories automatically. Yes you got it right, it’s all automatic and you can always go back to relive the moment anytime 🙂 This function is accessible at the top right-hand corner of your profile (an icon that looks like a clock) and at the top, press the word archive and there you have your history of both stories and posts!

Consumers expect it their way and customisation may just be the future of to meet the exact needs of different users. Instagram has been on trend and here are the exciting new add-ins!!!

G I F s

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Don’t you love cute animated Gifs that always add that missing element to your snap?

Now Instagram has partnered with Giphy to allow users like you to add some fun to your snaps! The Gifs on the first page are usually those in trend, or alternatively, you can search for more! Go try it out! These must be one of the best Instagram updates!


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No more sticking to that one and only font when adding your captions.

You have more fonts to play around, to better cater to the theme of your story.

Fun, sleek or creative, you name it!

These newly added fonts will definitely add a different feel to your stories! Remember to update you Instagram applications and try them out now!

Ability to follow hashtags!

Do you find it hard to remember hashtags? Now we can skip the searching woes because you can just follow a hashtag like it’s an account and get content delivered to you.

Just like a profile, hashtags can also have a perfectly curated “feed” where this is a big advantage for brands where you can actually create content for the right people. Brands also can encourage followers to follow your hashtag and user-generated content can be optimised with the same hashtag. This feature opens up so many more opportunities! Remember to use it to your advantage!



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