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What can you do about the new Instagram Algorithm

Have you ever wondered how the new Instagram algorithm works?

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New Instagram Algorithm

Before we get to how it’s algorithm works, let’s first understand how Instagram, this social media platform works shall we?


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We all know that Instagram is a popular content driven platform. It is also a place where many people earn their income from.

Instagram aims to show you content that you are interested in, just so that you will remain on their platform for as long as these content they put on your page interests you. Your interests and attention span is their unique selling point, which is also what marketers and brands are interested to engage Instagram with.

This Instagram algorithm is therefore especially designed for you, to crave Instagram and to maximise your interest out of you.

This very customised algorithm is derived from various users engagement metrics and here comes the interesting part.

How does it work?

First, your new post goes up on a small percentage of your follower’s feed.

Engagement rate

Instagram then measures how fast and often these people engage with your post. Including the time they like, comment, profile visits and shares.

These engagements are being compared to your other older posts along the same timeline. If it is getting lesser engagement than the others, there it goes lower down their timeline and feed, where lesser people will see it. There you go, one of the main reasons why you don’t see some people in your feed anymore. This algorithm is also used by Instagram to show you what you like to see.

Post notifications

turn on, post notifications

In order to not miss out of your favourite people, Instagram tried to salvage this by allowing users to turn on post notifications. So when someone posts something, you will receive a notification immediately.

How you can use it

To you, if you are a social media influencer, you may want to use this application in favour of these metrics to attract more eyes to your content. Beat the algorithm and use the knowledge to surface yourself to eye level.

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